Respond. Evade. Anticipate. Corporate Training

The well being of employees should be the top priority for any company large or small. Ensuring the people who work for you are safe at work, at home and going back and forth from both is the first step to increasing morale and productivity.

R.E.A.C.T. has created a unique approach to self defense. We begin by teaching an awareness of various precautions that a person can take to greatly reduce the probability that violence will occur in the first place. Second, it teaches alertness skills which allow a person to spot potential trouble before it can fully develop, enabling him or her sufficient time to take preventative measures. Third, it teaches negotiation skills that can be used to defuse a possible assault. Fourth, it teaches how to evade an attacker, enabling a person to buy time until help can arrive or an opportunity to escape is presented. Finally, it teaches a unique multi-level conceptual approach to self-defense, which enables a person to respond effectively, and with a minimum of force, when an assault can't be avoided. Again, the emphasis is always upon avoidance because this offers the safest and most sure way of dealing with any threat.

While it is true that there are too many narratives in the media about mass shooting in the work place, the reality is that with over  45,413,092 companies in the US the probability of that type of violence coming to your business is unlikely. However according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 2012 Survey, 40,645 incidents of domestic violence were reported in Missouri alone - over 10 Million reports nationwide. It is not just the threat of violence against your employees in the work place that is a concern but also their mental attitude and welfare. When an employee feels insecure in the work place their productivity is directly affected. 

You can make a decision today that will positively affect the lives of your employees. Giving your personnel an opportunity to learn self defense tactics that will build camaraderie, develop confidence, enhance productivity and increase moral. 

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